Business Introduction

Support Service for car dealers

CALLIN AUTO supports trading (Buy and Sell) about 15,000 cars per year mainly in Kanto area.
CALLIN AUTO works with car dealers together to try our best to respond to the demand of end users with the appropriate market price from hearing the budget and the delivery period of the car.
We send the completion notice of registaration transfer for customers to deal with the transaction safely.
We put the purchased car up for the USS Tokyo Auto Auction, which is the biggest Auto Auction in the country.
Furthermore, we contribute as selling cars to USS Auto Auction since when they are established.


Used Cars Exporting Business

We established some overseas office as of "Callin Auto New Zealand" in Wellington NZ, on Jun 2012, "Callin Auto Korea" establised on Jan 2016, "Callin Auto Malaysia" establised on May 2016, and we are though still in prosess to expand our overseas branches in other countries.
We mainly export vehicles to New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korea.
We also export units to Hongkong, Makau, UAE, Myanmar, Srilanka, Bangladish, Fiji, South America, African Coutries, and many other countries in the world via our domestic cooporate partners.